Monthly Archives: July 2011

The Social Media Leap of Faith

Social media is sweeping the business community. Ford Motors, for example, is spending 25% of its marketing budget on digital/social media. Yet most contractors are slow to adopt it. Stunningly, there’s apparently no shortage of industry skeptics willing to speak out and shout down digital technologies, proclaiming everything this side of email to be a fad. Social media is no… Read more →

Are We Headed for a Double Dip?

The news has been pretty grim lately. Unemployment’s back up. Housing is heading down. The Federal Reserve is out of arrows. The debt rating services appear poised to downgrade the government’s credit rating. Meanwhile, the government response is to keep spending like a lotto winner, boost taxes by a trillion dollars or so, and promise to unicorn budget cuts a… Read more →

Goal Setting Essential for Success

There’s a story about a World War II German U-boat that contacted headquarters to inform them that they were lost. When asked by headquarters as to where they wanted to go, the U-boat responded, “We don’t know.” Headquarters replied, “Then you’re not lost!” If you’re not getting anywhere in life, maybe it’s because you’ve got nowhere to go! Before you… Read more →

Closing the Sale

Anyone can make a good impression. The difference between the true sales professionals and the wannabes is the ability to close sales. A good closer is someone who is good at helping people make decisions. The key to being a good closer is having a good closing procedure. A good closing procedure simply helps your prospects clarify their thoughts and… Read more →