“Top 7 Ways For Tradesmen To Earn More and Work Less”




Which do you want to boost today?



Do you feel like the smarter and faster your technician is, the less money you make?

Do you think this contributes to the fact that most businesses lose a minimum of $46,000 per year?

  • Smart and fast technicians work quickly and efficiently, causing them to bill less time and collect less money
  • Time and materials allows the customer to scrutinize everything you are charging for
  • Inconsistent price quotes between technicians for the same type of job can result in unhappy customers

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Design Choices that are Hurting Your Site

A website’s design can set it apart from its competition. However, it can also send clients running. Check out the below tips to make sure you aren’t inadvertently driving away your customers. Colour is key. A study from Georgia Tech recently concluded that people are more likely to share images featuring red, purple, and pink, while it was determined that green, black, blue, and yellow decreased the rate at...

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How To Powerfully Lead Your Team Through Tough Times.

Leadership is an immense responsibility. You are called a leader because it’s your responsibility to lead your team. A greater level of Leadership is required during challenging times.  It’s easy to lead when you have momentum, but when you don't, effective leaders become priceless. What is a major Leadership Challenge you are dealing with right now that requires your Leadership? ASSUME NOTHING! When I...

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What is the Purpose of Your Job? by Charlie Greer

When I ask that question of service technicians, they tend to say: Fix things Solve problems Satisfy customers Make friends There is one reason and one reason only why contractors hire techs, put them in uniforms and send them off to run calls... ...and that is to generate profits for the company. You're not going to generate profits long-term unless you fix it right the first time, solve problems and...

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Colour Tapking Logo

Thank you to Allan and the team for putting together an outstanding event in Sydney. We appreciate the hard work you put in to getting this event together and your vision to raise the standard of the industry as a whole. We look forward to continue working with you in the future


As I am moving on from Partners in Plumbing I wanted to take the oppurtunity to thank you and Brent for the encouragement and support you have shown me in providing access to the Service Roundtable and the teleseminars and webinars.

Prior to my starting at Partners I had a very narrow and lonely view of our trade and through involvement of Service Roundtable and talking with you, Brent and guests on the phone this view has changed.

To have someone of your accomplishment willing to help others achieve great things is refreshing. Thank you.

Operations Manager   

Hi Allan, Nathan and I thought we should send you an email to say how much we appreciate all your help.

Since we first meet you and Brent our company dynamic has completely changed. We have a very clear company vision which all our employees are now working towards. We have not missed a month of achieving our growth target of 5% in customer base and profit. This has been made possible through introducing us to Charlie Greer and Peter Cox. The information they have given us is priceless.

As you know we have had difficult financial circumstances due to a builder liquidating, however we are now coming out the other side twice as profitable with half the risk. We credit our turnaround to Service Professional Australia. .

Owner InSink Plumbing